Wedding Pricing 2018

The Cost

Wedding photography pricing is usually hidden in a riddle of “every wedding is different” and “email me to discuss your bespoke package” quotes. But if you’re like me you’ll want to know what the cost is upfront… maybe that’s the Yorkshireman in me.

Unlimited Coverage: £795…….for a short period only

WHY? – honestly?  I’m on the well-worn path of shooting friend’s weddings for free, being a paid second shooter and now full gas shooting for myself. This price represents my desire to build an amazing portfolio and business. The cost covers my expenses and a little towards the time spent editing your wedding. I believe it represents my level of experience and NOT the quality that you’ll get. It is an absolute bargain. It’s been a great season so far and I can’t wait for next year.

If you would like to get the ball rolling please contact me at


What you get for your money:

  • Pre-wedding Skype session (or coffee in London) to learn all about you and the plans for your big day
  • Full coverage of the day – preparation, ceremony and reception (including all the drunkeness, all the bad dancing and hopefully some bad behaviour)
  • USB stick with at least 450+ digital high resolution images.  No silly watermarks or restrictions on what you can do with them (yep, that really happens).  Show the world but credit me yeah!?.
  • Online slideshow and gallery of your images – a private way to share with friends and family.


Most people call them engagement or pre-wedding shoots, I’m not sure what the right description is but I’m certain you’ve seen them.  We’re talking pictures with dreamy backdrops and flattering lighting that we can all social media the shit out of. They’re not everyones cup of tea, but as I’m in the process of building an online presence you can have it for free if you’re game.


 Destination Weddings:

£795 + travel expenses 

I think it’s fair to say destination weddings are incredible and I’m always interested.  There’s no catch with pricing, it’s the same as above but add a travel supplement for flights, transfers and accommodation for the duration of the stay.  I like to arrive 2 days before the wedding which allows for travel disruption and gives time to meet clients the day before.