Newquay Wedding

Sophie was having a DIY wedding in Newquay and got in contact through her twin sister Louise, who was obviously the bridesmaid for her wedding. At the time Cassie was pregnant so Newquay was a long way to go when our due date was only a week away. She asked tentatively ‘would you be interested?’ and after I heard their plans of course I was. Your first children are always delivered late right??

Outdoor Country Wedding

How could I turn down the beautiful Cornish countryside for their outdoor ceremony; with a walled garden, sunken trampolines, volleyball and BBQ. It was a beautiful day and despite it being pretty much the only summer day of 2018 without any sunshine it didn’t take away from their glorious setting. Flowers from the family garden, food and music from friends created a really personal and relaxed day. It was a great vibe and I’m glad I made the effort to be there. It was worth the nerves of being late for the delivery……I wasn’t.


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