About Ronnie

About me

I’m Ronnie, a proud Scottish Yorkshireman living in Peckham. I’m a London wedding photographer who is laid-back and occasionally funny (or that’s what my internet dating profile said). I must have got something right because me and my internet date are expecting our first child. My mum calls me by my middle name and urban dictionary defines Ronnie as a person who gives great counsel and has a sixth sense of being able to read minds. Anyway……..

Wedding Photography Style

There’s no point wasting too many words describing my style of shooting when there’s pictures to look at.  On the day, think ninja sniper moves instead of ‘up in your grill’ dictation. Minimal time posing equals maximum time enjoying the day of your lives with your nearest and dearest. I use available light and avoid flash as much as possible. This creates a very natural looking story of your day. It’s not complicated, just make sure you and your team bring all the love, laughs and feelings and I’ll nail it down. Simple as that.

Whether you’re just beginning to plan, or at that critical ‘decision making’ stage, I am happy to answer any questions you have so drop me an email at ronniehphoto@gmail.com and let’s talk.