Porto Wedding at Rosa et al.

July 24, 2019 / Weddings

Ruth + Mike – some sneak peeks

Guys! Porto seems ages ago and I want to go back. Thanks so much for inviting me to document your wedding at Rosa’s, I know that place meant a lot to you so I felt very privileged to be taken over there!

Fire off this page link to friends and family or anyone that might be interested. Feel free to comment at the bottom or share via the links. Your full gallery (Porto) will be with you by the weekend and the pictures are looking epic. I’ll post more over the coming weeks on my @ronniehallphotography so keep your peepers peeled.

London Weddings

May 1, 2019 / Weddings


There’s not much to chat about here, the heading says it all. This is a small selection of photographs from London Weddings. The capital has some beautiful marriage locations so if you’re looking for a stunning setting but don’t fancy all the bells and whistles (and religion) of a Church, London has you covered. My personal favourite is Islington Town Hall. Amazing light, beautiful rich textures and some great spots for photos. It’s got decent steps for the confetti run out the front too. Hammersmith Town Hall is ugly on the outside but surprisingly nice once inside. I enjoyed shooting Nandra and Alex’s winter wedding there.

The old Marylebone Town Hall has had a makeover and I’m excited to be shooting there in 2019, however, the one I’m looking to get ticked off is Asylum Chapel in Peckham. Have a look on instagram and you’ll find a million gorgeous pictures……that LIGHT!!. If by luck anyone is getting married there soon….baggsie your wedding.

French Chateau Wedding

May 1, 2019 / Weddings

Chateau La Durantie, Dordogne

This was a beautiful French wedding at Chateau La Durantie in the Dordogne region of France. Lily and Megan are both friends of mine. They’re both Auntie to my little boy Luca. They’re both amazing human beings and I was honoured to be a guest at their wedding. This didn’t stop me taking my camera though!

DIY Wedding

What follows is a behind the scenes look at what it takes to put together a French Wedding when you’re going down the dry hire route. Think multiple vehicles stacked to the rafters with every bit of wedding paraphenalia you can think of. Think a crack team of family helpers who have no idea how to attach the right length of ribbon to a balloon so it floats effortlessly above a swimming pool like magic. You do get free booze though and boy can these two families party.

These pictures aren’t taken from a wedding photographers perspective, just a guest with a camera and drink in hand at all times…..

London City Wedding

April 24, 2019 / Weddings

Hammersmith Town Hall Wedding

A German marrying an Indonesian in a London wedding. Yes I’ll have some of that. Alex and Nandra got in touch to see if I’d like to shoot their ‘shotgun’ wedding. They’d done the long distance relationship and had settled in London together but confusion over their situation after the dreaded Brexit gave them a reason to hurray up and get married. That way, wherever they ended up they’d be together.

Sofitel St James Park

The location for the ceremony was Hammersmith Town Hall which is surprisingly nice inside. Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. Then it was a classic London Bus journey to the Sofitel St James’s. Their family and friends are dotted around the world and it turned into great big fun reunion for everyone involved.

DIY Newquay Wedding

April 17, 2019 / Weddings

Newquay Wedding

Sophie was having a DIY wedding in Newquay and got in contact through her twin sister Louise, who was obviously the bridesmaid for her wedding. At the time Cassie was pregnant so Newquay was a long way to go when our due date was only a week away. She asked tentatively ‘would you be interested?’ and after I heard their plans of course I was. Your first children are always delivered late right??

Outdoor Country Wedding

How could I turn down the beautiful Cornish countryside for their outdoor ceremony; with a walled garden, sunken trampolines, volleyball and BBQ. It was a beautiful day and despite it being pretty much the only summer day of 2018 without any sunshine it didn’t take away from their glorious setting. Flowers from the family garden, food and music from friends created a really personal and relaxed day. It was a great vibe and I’m glad I made the effort to be there. It was worth the nerves of being late for the delivery……I wasn’t.